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Write of Passage Fellowship Podcast

May 18, 2020

Read Packy's 10,000-word essay here.

Throughout history, much of the world's progress has come from particular combinations of place, people, and time. Ancient Greece, Renaissance Florence, and Silicon Valley are just a few of the examples of this phenomenon, which Brian Eno dubbed "Scenius." 
One characteristic that each of these scenia share is that they emerged from catastrophe, from the Bubonic Plague to World War II. Today, we are in the midst of a similar crisis, and new scenia will be born out of Covid. 
In this essay, I explore history for the ingredients that go into the creation of scenius, learn lessons from budding modern-day scenia, and provide a roadmap for promising communities that want to change the world can follow. It's time to build together, and scenius holds the key. 


After six years at Breather as the NYC GM and then VP, Experience, Packy is building Not Boring, a community of smart, curious people, and writing a newsletter about business strategy and trends mixed with pop culture.