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Write of Passage Fellowship Podcast

Jun 9, 2020

Read Jessy's 10,000-word essay here. 

In response to mounting concerns about the effects of AI on society - job loss, safety, fairness, and more - there is a counter-narrative, an optimistic vision of "human-centered AI" that augments humans instead of replacing them. But what does this entail? What does it take to develop systems that work in the dynamic, interactive, and messy environments in the real world, and what lessons can we draw from history, economics, and more? 


Jessy is a technologist and incoming PhD student at Berkeley. She studied computer science and philosophy at MIT, where she did research on human-inspired AI at the Computational Cognitive Science Lab and co-founded independent research group LabSix to work on real-world adversarial examples. Previously, she spent time at Google Research with the Natural Language Understanding team, organized HackMIT, and did product/engineering at startups.