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Write of Passage Fellowship Podcast

Apr 25, 2020

Read Suthen's 10,000-word essay here.

We live in a world of unprecedented urbanization. Cities have brought society huge rewards, including record-high economic growth and value creation. Yet, cities are in a world of trouble. Their archaic infrastructures are showing cracks and their streets are congested to the point of being un-drivable. Who should we look to in order to tackle these problems? One surprising answer that I will explore in this essay—Walt Disney. Disney had everything figured out from innovative features, special legislation to even having a PR strategy. Despite his untimely passing, we have a lot to gain from applying his ideas to today's projects whether its the Charter Cities movement or something else. As Marc Andreessen said, it's time to build. Who better to learn from than Walt Disney himself?______________________________________________________________

Suthen is an avid learner - writing for his weekly newsletter where he shares lessons relating to personal growth, building companies and becoming financial independent. He also hosts a podcast where he interviews up-and-coming leaders across all fields, giving his audience a perspective into a diverse range of careers. During the week, Suthen leads a corporate development and M&A team at Constellation Software.

Suthen is incredibly passionate about understanding how different systems work - particularly in urban environments. He's always up for a conversation to learn, build and share interesting ideas on anything related to cities, building businesses or personal growth. You can connect with him on Twitter, website or newsletter.