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Write of Passage Fellowship Podcast

May 22, 2020

Read Rhys' 10,000-word essay here.

Rhys' essay is titled We Need To Talk: Marriage Counseling with Capitalism Itself. It explores our post-capitalist future through playful dialogue (and VR scenes) with Humanity, Capitalism, and Post-Capitalism. The essay outlines the four crucial components of this future: 1) Networkism: how decentralized digital networks are outcompeting centralized institutions. 2) Coherent Pluralism: How individuals should consume information on the internet—by looking through many lenses (Pluralism) while also striving for clarity (Coherence). 3) Bentoism: A mindset that frees us from short-term thinking by zooming out to our collective future. 4) Generosity: Recognizing our newfound abundance and giving back the planet and each other.


Rhys Lindmark is helping build The Bento Society and the Center for Paradigm Change. Before that, he was the Head of Long-Term Societal Impact at MIT DCI. His podcast "Conversations with Rhys" has 150,000+ plays and he self-taxes 10% of his income.